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Helmet Mini Alarm Lock

Easily lock your helmets and other valuables to your motorcycle or other fixed object.

Easy to use 4 digit combo lock with a 60cm (24inch) high tensile plastic coated cable

100 decibel alarm if moved or tampered with

Comes with FREE pouch to strap and store on your motorcycle


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Product Details

Most motorcycles these days don't offer a simple means to lock your helmet or other items like jacket or small bag to your bike. You spend a lot of money on these quality items and most times its inconvenient or cumbersome to carry them around with you when you make those short term stops. And these are the items at great risk to opportunist thieves. If you leave them for a short term they could easily be gone. The Helmet Mini Alarm Lock solves this problem helping safeguard your items and ensuring your ride does not get spoiled.

The Helmet Mini Alarm Lock weighs just 100g (3.5oz) and comes with our free Bitz for Bikerz neoprene pouch. With 2 extended Velcro straps and Velcro top cover, it can easily be secured to a convenient location on your bike so its with you wherever you go.It features a retractable high tensile steel cable which can extend up to 60cm (24”) in length. Simply pull out as much of the steel cable as required, lock the cable around your helmet and other items and secure to your bike. If an attempt is made to cut through the steel cable a loud alarm will start screaming! In addition, the Helmet Mini Alarm Lock  has a movement sensor when set the alarm will  sound if the lock is moved. 100 decibel squeal is enough to deter those pick and run thieves. No keys needed, an easy to use 4 digit combination easily programmed to the code of your choice.

Small size – 8.5 x 6 x 2.5cm (3.5″ x 2.5″ x 1″)
• High tensile steel cable up to 60cm (24″) in length
• The 2mm (1/12″) diameter cable is plastic coated to avoid scratches to helmet and bike
• Flashing warning LED

• 4 digit ‘programmable’ combination code
• 100 Decibel Siren
• Alarm sounds if the cable is cut or lock is moved
• Secures more than just your helmet (or 2)
• Low battery indicator
• Requires 4 x LR44 (1.5 volt) batteries in a tamper proof compartment

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